Saturday, August 7, 2004

Topological Desire & Responsive Performance

Inside/Outside continued:

Chris Salter from sponge talked about imaginary spaces where the public can imagine other than which is actual (ie virtual) - as well as responsiveness and resistance between different materialities.

Good stuff.

Sha Xin Wei & Harry Smoak from the Topological Media Lab spoke about the phenomenology of performance & of media (including materiality) - as well as playing in the media of the world and thickening social space. Interesting.

Maja Kuzmanovic talked about several foAM projects that revolve around notions of growing your own worlds (horticulture, not agriculture), subjective transformation of participants, including heightened perceptions of local actions with global reactions, and borrowing from the real to make the "irreal" tangible.

Here are a few of the projects that most impressed me:

Self-supporting structures for temporary, mobile and wearable architecture.

Play~Lab on Open-grown Territories.

Planting gardens in neglected urban spaces, in the cracks of the city.

Psychogeographic adventures.

The Q & A session was also good. We discussed Adorno's work on abstraction (from mathematics to euphoria, utopia, the radical marvelous) plus Benjamin and Brecht (rhizomatic before Deleuze & Guattari) and ecstatic experience like the Dervishes and children's games of vertigo. We also talked about differences between artists and designers - see Duchamp on the role of the user/audience and the power inherent in these relationships.


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