Monday, August 9, 2004

Inside/Outside summary

Warning: incredibly random thoughts from a lively discussion.

What are the shapes that are useful for us to work with?

Manifolds and fields - understood as generative concepts rather than determinist ontologies or models (or even states).

See also: Deleuze and Guattari's multiplicité, the third principle of the rhizome. [I still believe that the metaphor of the rhizome has been grossly oversimplified and insufficently critiqued in many new media discussions.]

Temporality and memory. Active and generative processes. Recounting a dream; making time.

[See also: Bergson's Matter and Memory]

What about critique?! Politics? Ethics?

[See also: Landing on the Wrong Note: Jazz, Dissonance and Critical Theory and The Limits of Politics in Avant-Garde Jazz]

Never forgetting why we make. Why we live. Not enough to provide a representation of the cracked society, the broken world.

What about affect? Grace? [elegance and beauty of movement or expression] Poeisis? [production, formation, creation]

Or sociality? Spatiality? Presence? Embodiment?

[See also: Poiesis of Spaces]

Pleasure? For whom?

[I am again distracted by the tendency of "user-centred" design to focus on the identities of users, rather than their practices. In other words, who users are (static being) vs. what they do (dynamic becoming). Again, multiplicities and heterogeneity.]

As always, the trip to Banff was worth it - so many interesting and creative people in such a beautiful spot! And much to continue thinking about.


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