Saturday, August 7, 2004

DIS round-up

Conference proceedings are available online (ACM membership required)

More thoughts to follow, but I was especially impressed by the Smart Tea Project - see also:

Making Tea: Iterative Design Through Analogy (PDF)

Within Bounds and Between Domains: Making Tea as neutral territory for design elicitation (PDF)

Breaking the Book: Translating the Chemistry Lab Book into a Pervasive Computing Lab Environment (PDF)

And more on how chemistry Publication@Source differs from, say, physics pre-print archives

[On a vaguely related note, I also picked up the latest Design Issues - Design by Society: Science and Technology Studies and the Social Shaping of Design - more on this later, after I chat with Alex W.]

Also interesting from a social perspective:

Seamful Interweaving: Heterogeneity in the Theory and Design of Interactive Systems (PDF) - see also Matthew Chalmers' A Historical View of Context (PDF)

Andy Crabtree's work on Technomethodology (PDF) - see also Taking Technomethodology Seriously (PDF) and Design in the Absence of Practice

And I am still thinking about the work being done on design patterns for ubicomp - all patterns here.

Other people's notes:

Jonah Brucker-Cohen's report on DIS

Dan Hill's panel presentation

Liz Goodman after DIS

Chris Heathcote's extensive notes on the conference

Peter Merholz on the Design for Hackability panel and thoughts related to the Beyond Human-Centered Design panel

Rashmi Sinha on DIS 2004 and the universe of HCI conferences


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