Saturday, August 7, 2004

Architecture/Private and Public Spaces

The morning's highlights from Inside/Outside:

Katheryn Saunders spoke about the nanotech home of the future and interfacing our bodies with our surroundings. More on the Nanoderm project.

Ron Wakkary talked about three notions of context for ambient intelligent environments:

- "external" context as encoded info (from AI, user modelling; stable, definable, ultimately encodable, absolute, reductionist)

- "internal" context as interaction (from Dourish; defined dynamically, arises from activity, a relational property, is situated, system that can foster the creation and representation of context, eg. conversation)

- "integral" - context as evolving system (from Nardi & O'Day; systemic, diverse, co-evolves, has locality, activity theory, foster emergent system that is inclusive of and reliant on people, technology, and non-technology, eg. a library)

Natalie Tan spoke on the place of technology in architecture. After citing Corbusier's "a house is a machine for living in", Buster Keaton's 1922 film The Electric House and Werner Sobek's call that "technology not be installed as an end in itself", she introduced Unseen - her garden project with Marc Böhlen. IEEE article on pervasive computing in gardens and more on Marc's robotic art.

Sabine Seymour talked about working on a combination of fashion, design, architecture, craft and technology - and the Fashionable Technology Research Consortium.


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