Wednesday, July 7, 2004

New technology in/as public space

The Fusedspace competition nominees for 2004 have been announced and these projects look interesting - if not always clear.

Virtue and vituality. We are charged to create environments where people discover 'what could be' in 'what is.' This is our definition of virtue.

Takuro travels to himself. Nagoya/2014/Takuro/13yearsold __At school T has digital trip class: 2 h/wk he extracts himself from local and confronts himself to far limits. His consciousness gets deeper through the unknown. His social identity in public space develops in virtual space.

Ariadne's Thread. The experience of memory aroused by the city, together with the sense of oblivion caused by the network of transportation constitute the new public domain, thus revitalizing the human encounter.

Sense.8 is a strategy aiming to connect virtual public space and physical public space through the use and abuse of mobile devices by using their direct connection features to communicate and gather information.

SocialControl democratizes surveillance. It makes behavior in public space again subject of human interaction, creating a new kind of open-source legislation. Isn't it time to give control of the public domain back to the people?

New Fields: Public game play through visual layers. Game play areas are part of the public realm. Their variety and thier use are limited and are located on fixed places. Can we add a dynamic layer of game play to expand existing area's and to create (temporary) play fields in the public space?

A bird's eyeview experience to the city. Urban eyes is a service combining 2 natural networks, the CCTV and the pigeon population in a city to provide an alternative, living extension for the view on our surroundings.


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