Thursday, July 22, 2004

I've always wanted to talk with this guy

Ernst Kirchner, The Drinker, 1914-15

If you could talk with anyone in a painting, who would it be?


Blogger Paul J. Marasa said...

Just passing through--actually, looking for pictures of Bettie Page looking surprised--as one might guess, there's many--and saw your post on talking with people in paintings. I immediately thought of John Singer Sargent; just about any of his subjects would be interesting to talk to--and sorry I don't know how to paste images to this comment, but you can go here:
for a good one. I'd like to talk with both of these women, but particularly the one on the right; she seems either bemused or a little tipsy. But both are intriguing--and look at their hands. Even when standing still, Sargent's people look like they're about to do something. I'd like to know what.

Nice blog, by the way.


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