Thursday, June 17, 2004

Travel gazette

Since my last post I have crossed the Atlantic twice, and all the bridges in Dublin.

Unlike my last trip, time spent in Dublin was way less than time spent in transit. Thanks to US Airways and inclement weather, four flights were delayed, two were cancelled and I spent the night in Philadelphia airport. All I can say is that a shopping mall and food court most definitely do not make up for the tyrannical design behind the airport's seating options. Rocking chairs and benches with individual armrests only work in the imaginary universe of on-time travel. It took me 31 hours to get home from Dublin and I don't remember the last time I was so happy to see my bed.

I arrived in the morning and Kaki, Jonah and I enjoyed brunch in the Temple Bar food market. Then K and I wandered through the art and fashion market before I headed off for my interview. Despite brutal jetlag and lack of sleep, I seemed to impress them and was certainly impressed by them. Everything was good.

I had really hoped to go with K & J to the Outside In conference on public space - which wrapped up yesterday - but couldn't find an affordable flight to Goteborg with such short notice. Shame. Participants included Iain Borden, Pedro Sepulveda, Usman Haque, The Institute for Applied Autonomy and Space Hijackers. Kaki and Jonah also led a workshop called Hacking the Street, in which people had to find objects in the streets of Goteborg, technologically augment them in some way, and put them back.

And despite not getting to see some people in Dublin, I really enjoyed taking in the redeveloped architecture in Temple Bar again: "Although continuous, the city is more blunt than seamless, more startling than predictable. The disconcerted continuity of this urban moment recalls the disparity between adjoining yet dissimilar images in narrative cinema--alien spatial fragments somehow unite into a cohesive (albeit abrupt) web. The turn of a corner, like the flick of a film frame, can redefine the nature of a disjunctive, heterogeneous spatial continuum."


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