Friday, June 11, 2004

On the move

receiver #10 - The Information Society on the move

My article - Mobility as world-building/technologies at play - is in very good company!

And I'll be back on Tuesday.

A few updates to the article:

FIASCO has been renamed Digital Street Game and there's an alpha version up and running in NYC. Congrats to Liz, Michele and Paul!

And Ricardo says that he'll be taking The Public Broadcast Cart for a spin from Exit Art to Bryant Square Park as part of the Public Execution exhibition at Exit Art, on June 16th, 26th and July 14th. The online broadcast will be available via THE THING's Office Radio.

If you're in New York on July 10th, you can also check out his new installation - In From Darkness to Daylight - a sculptural work that "reflects different histories of the Bowery. Each animation is based upon a real resident of the Bowery and features recorded interviews by each with the artist. The separate animations combine to make distinct stories spanning the past 150 years and imagining the future of the Bowery neighborhood." Cool.

16 June Update - Mobile Entertainment: The Power of Play. Justin Hall in TheFeature takes a different sort of look at playful technologies.


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