Friday, June 18, 2004

Of bodies and crowds

Good to see Christian Nold's BioMapping project making the rounds - and I'm looking forward to seeing it in action next week. I met Chris at Mobile Connections in Manchester last month, and think I may have frightened him because we only spoke once. Anyway, the thing I remember most about his brief presentation was when he described how the biomapping sensors showed him exactly how stressed out he gets while on the tube - and how that served to stress him out even further. Sometimes, less information is better. (Reminds me of Liz Goodman's Sensing Beds project and how it also challenges our assumptions about how much information is enough.)

But you know, I think I still like Chris' work on crowds the best - Mobile Vulgus: an attempt to reclaim the mobility of the crowd as a physical force for change, and Crowd Compiler: software which produces images of the temporal crowd. (Always reminds me of Canetti's Crowds and Power.)


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