Wednesday, June 30, 2004

First count

After yesterday's election Paul Martin remains Canadian Prime Minister but the Liberals only won a minority government - Canada's first in 25 years. The NDP did well and, at last count, the two parties were only one seat short of a majority government. This leaves the Conservatives as the official Opposition. Parliament is rounded out with the Bloc Québécois, who won two-thirds of the Quebec vote, and the Greens, who finally got enough votes to qualify for federal election funding.

But mostly I'm excited because Ed Broadbent is now my MP. Along with Pierre Trudeau and René Lévesque, Ed is one of my favourite Canadian politicians. He gives me hope that public intellectualism is not dead, and that underdogs can change the world. Here's hoping he kicks some ass in Parliament - and does something to ensure the next generation doesn't experience crushing student debt!


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