Saturday, June 26, 2004


Despite (or maybe because of) the 54 must-be-answered-very-soon email in my inbox, I am finding great pleasure in Jack Mottram's virtual travels through England.

The Drift Table is "a coffee table with a small viewport showing a slowly changing aerial view of the British landscape." It finally arrived at Jack's place a few days ago, and his weblog will track its travels over the next six weeks. (How fortunate the researchers are to have someone so passionately log his experiences with their prototype!)

Here's a glimpse of Jack's travels so far:

I'm in Littleport, near Cambridge, just now. I just hope I make it to The North soon - you might not know this, Anne, but there's nothing in the UK worth seeing South of Birmingham. Or East of Birmingham for that matter. This table certainly brings out the regionalist in me - the book doing the steering has been repositioned to take me homewards (ie anywhere on the West coast, up North).

So, the Table crashed again yesterday, twice. Overnight, though, it has taken me from London to Warwickshire (sadly, I think I've missed Milton Keynes, which probably looks lovely and gridded from above). One thing: the UK needs more vast sprawling mega-conurbations. Or more mountains. I'm sure rolling fields are pretty enough when you're in them; but seen from above rural landscapes are deeply tedious.



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