Saturday, May 29, 2004

Thirty-one collective nouns

An army of frogs. A bevy of beauties. A colony of lepers. A conflagration of arsonists. A crash of rhinoceros. A culture of bacteria. An embarrassment of riches. A flock of tourists. A fluther of jellyfish. A gaze of raccoons. A glaring of cats. A gulp of swallows. A hill of beans. A knot of toads. A lap of cod. A neverthriving of jugglers. A number of mathematicians. An obstinacy of buffalo. An ostentation of peacocks. A pace of asses. A parliament of owls. A pitying of turtledoves. A plague of locusts. A ponder of philosophers. A poverty of pipers. A quiver of rebuttals. A rout of snails. A scull of friars. A sneak of weasels. An unkindness of ravens. A vagary of impediments.

Wikipedia: Collective noun


Anonymous Nancy M said...

A mischief of rats


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