Saturday, May 15, 2004

Playing catch-up (or is it dodge-ball?)

Can't say I ever expected Intel to cite the Situationists as primary inspiration for new technologies - well done! You can read more in Howard's article for The Feature or at Intel Research: Urban Atmospheres and Urban Probes.

Liz Goodman also rounds up some thoughts and links on current city-wide gaming in NYC.

And Molly quite rightly reminds us that maps are (only ever) abstractions.

But be still my book-fetishist heart! Archaeologists have found the great Library of Alexandria.

And because this looks neat: See-Through Wall (scroll down a bit) - an interactive video art work that redefines space by blending the real architecture of the gallery space with virtual architecture, giving viewers “x-ray” vision to see through the walls of the gallery and out into a virtual urban landscape. (found via)


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