Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Made it. Barely.

Christ, it took me six hours door-to-door to make it from London to Dublin - and the flight itself was only 50 minutes. And the free (pay only taxes) Ryanair flight ended up costing me $150 in additional travel and overweight baggage costs. Sigh. I arrived tired and cranky, and bailed on dinner plans. (I'm so sorry but promise to make up for it by being extra charming tomorrow!) On the up-side, I'm staying in what was once George Bernard Shaw's home.

Anyway, I started wandering around because it's so beautiful here, and although it is busy, it is not near as congested as London. A massive grey cloud made buckets of rain come down and I ran into an internet cafe. Just enjoyed reading Shaviro on Simondon on technology, as well as Steve's post on real imaginary languages and this wondrous Eco quote found at Rodcorp:

Stefano, my boy, I will give you guns. Because a gun isn't a game. It is the inspiration for play. With it you will have to invent a situation, a series of relationships, a dialectic of events. You will have to shout boom, and you will discover that the game has only the value you give it, not what is built into it.

But now I can see blue sky and the rain has stopped. That means it's time for me to venture out again. Tomorrow I've plans to visit Media Lab Europe and Trinity College - and to finally meet a friend.


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