Wednesday, May 26, 2004

L'invention du quotidien / practicing the everyday

Coming home after many days away is always a bit strange. When I used to spend four months each year doing fieldwork in the high Andes, it would take me a month or so to get used to being home again. This time I only needed a few days, but I still feel a bit... in-between.

Seeing missed friends reminds me of who I am here. Exercise, acupuncture and massage begin to re-balance my body. (Apparently, a daily diet of English sandwiches and chips can cause one to gain 6 or 7 pounds in a month. Not good.) And my mind and spirit remain lit up with new ideas and already-shifting memories.

I've also discovered that my email did not work properly during my travels - so if you sent me a message and never heard back from me, please send it again.


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