Monday, May 17, 2004

If I lived in London I would spend all my money on books

Ahhh. Another afternoon spent in excellent company. And I resisted buying more books at Foyles, only to be seduced at the Tate Modern. (Contented) Sigh.

The brilliant and beautiful Empire grabbed me immediately and I bought Instructoart under the pretense that it will help inspire me with the graphic component of my dissertation. And because everyday life is in the relations, I finally picked up a copy of Nicolas Bourriaud's Relational Aesthetics, which now reminds me of Matt Locke's excellent post on trust, art and technology. And last, but not least, I left with Untitled (Experience of Place). Michael Ashkin's essay Notes Toward Desolation gives a small glimpse of the anthology's writing:

(21) I once regarded fragmentation and decay as negatives toward utopian promise. But as a fragment assumes a previous whole, it is just a smaller lie, no more true by virtue of its size. Perhaps fragmentation and entropy are merely the revenge the material world takes on a fixed idea. The relation of energy and entropy is but a restatement of the universal and the particular.

And just for Chris and Rod, 50 word summaries will follow on the books without pictures.


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