Thursday, April 15, 2004

Look See (Listen)

I was looking at a copy of Digital Beauties yesterday. The focus on "artistic achievement" was interesting for sure - the work of Rene Morel is almost startling in its realism - but I have to agree with this review: "The dryness of the text is a great disappointment because the very idea of generating a sensual idol within the depths of a powerful computer begs critical, if not poetic, analysis." The gaze, after all, is never neutral.

In other news, the BBC reports that "an unglamorous schoolgirl has become a feminist icon in Russia after she was entered for an online beauty pageant by a friend as a prank ... the vote for Alyona was against unnatural beauties who cannot be distinguished from each other, fake emotions, smiles and gazes reflected in the lenses of professional photographers, products of the same type and trademark, popular music, cigarettes without nicotine and coffee without caffeine."

And on a completely unrelated note, I am really enjoying mind the GAP*? these days.

Current listening.


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