Tuesday, April 6, 2004


I'm off to London on the 24th, and will be spending the 26th & 27th participating in CREATIVE CROSSINGS: Location, Community and Media.

The Finnish - British - Canadian workshop is a research and networking forum for discussing participatory and creative applications for the development of mobile/located and cross-platform media. Of special interest are the transformative use of spaces and places and the social networks created in participatory authoring. The workshop is a collaboration between the Finnish Institute, Arts Council of England, m-cult centre for new media culture (Finland), and the Banff New Media Institute (Canada).

On the 29th, I'll be heading to Manchester for Mobile Connections (more here) at Futuresonic 04. On the 30th, you can find me in the Locative Media panel - with Ben Russell, Anthony Townsend and Marc Tuters - "exploring the potential of location aware technologies within wireless environments for social networking and collaborative cartography." Sweet.

Also looking forward to seeing Katherine and Jonah again - Katherine is giving a workshop on Oscillating Windows and Jonah is presenting Wi-Fi Hog - great work!

I'll be in the UK and Ireland for most of May - anything else of interest going on?


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