Friday, April 16, 2004

Design for Hackability

Our panel on Design for Hackability has been accepted for DIS 2004 - hope to see you there!

Design for hackability draws on hacker, punk DIY and remix cultural practices and values. It encourages designers and non-designers to critically and creatively explore technology and media, to reclaim authorship and ownership of new and existing technologies, and of the social and cultural worlds in which we live. Hackability implies more than customisation or adaptation - it calls for redefinition. Design for hackability involves creating spaces for play where people are never forced to adapt to technology. It involves recognising and working with tensions between people and artefacts. It also subverts the traditional function and use of networks. In a world where technologies are increasingly mobile and invisible, design for hackability means allowing and encouraging people to work with resources at hand and to make technologies be what they want them to be. It cultivates reciprocity between users and designers and supports transparency and graceful responses to unanticipated uses.

We invite people to further explore with us what it means to design interactive systems that are creative as well as socially and culturally responsible - to explore what design for hackability might involve and how it may inspire our design objectives and processes.

I will be moderating, and panelists include Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Lalya Gaye and Elizabeth Goodman.


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