Tuesday, April 27, 2004

101 London conversations

During a walk around Bloomsbury, Holborn and Covent Garden on Sunday afternoon, Michael and I discussed English history, architecture and the triumphs and failures of feminism.

Over dinner Tom was preoccupied with the mermaid's sore nipples, Matt lit up my mind, Rod assured me that although he is an artist this week, he was an assassin last week and would be so again, Ben reinvigorated my love of archaeology, Timo made me feel at home, and Phil entertained me while walking me right to my door.

On Monday I had 92 conversations about art, technology and ethics with a fascinating bunch of Brits, Finns and Canadians. At dinner, Rob and I talked about the use of mobile phones in Brasil and the changing city of Budapest. Giles showed me Urban Tapestries in action, and I realised how very much we think alike.

Everything is good.


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