Sunday, March 14, 2004

The world at play

See Astrophysicists in Captivity

"I want to play, I waaannnttt to plllaaayyy," howled one toddler in the crowd, who evidently believed the scientists were engaged in some sort of nifty new game. The scientists might not disagree with the toddler's assessment.

Science Live: The Race to Decode the Hubble Ultra Deep Field Image

Science Live offers the public an unprecedented opportunity to watch competitive space science in action, as teams of astrophysicists from the American Museum of Natural History, Columbia University, and Stony Brook University race to decode strange space objects revealed in a newly released Hubble Space Telescope image ... Surrounded by racks of computers and working against a backdrop of the spectacular new image displayed on the Museum's 16' x 9' Astrobulletin, the Science Live astrophysicists will crunch numbers and debate around the clock in an attempt to be the first to publish results. Scientists will provide progress reports for the public daily throughout this weeklong event.

I LOVE THIS. Science in action. Perform or else.


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