Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Searching for superheroes in winter

My world is blanketed in snow again - will this winter never end? - and each day feels a thousand years long...

Since reading about the Guardians of the North, I also find myself spending an inordinate amount of time thinking about what power I would most want if I were a superhero. (Shape-shifting or invisibility? And what does that say about my obsessions with materiality?)

I think of (super)heroes - from Gilgamesh to Wonder Woman - and how they have always helped us negotiate ourselves and our places in the world by taking on the BIG questions. I think about how I idealise and long for superheroes in my daily life.

I wonder how our fantasies are related to our memories, and where HOPE comes into play? I want to know what it means to miss someone we have never met, or a place we have never visited.

When I think of all the words I long to say (there are moments they consume me) and I remember why I will not and cannot utter them, I wonder what happens when we amplify those whispers in the dark? (via)

And as work proceeds on my Forgetting Machine, I dwell on projects like Jim Campbell's Memory Works installation (via):

The Memory Works (1994-1998) are a series in which each work is based upon a digitally recorded memory of an event. Some of these electronic records represent a personal memory and others represent a collective memory. These electronic memories are manipulated and then used to transform an associated object mounted on the wall. Avoiding the usual notions of what a memory is, none of the original memories is an image or a sound. These works explore the characteristic of hiddenness common to both human and computer memory. Memories are hidden and have to be transformed to be represented.

And I imagine what kind of superhero duo REMEMBERING and FORGETTING would make...


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