Tuesday, March 2, 2004


Liz Goodman on mobile UIs - including the importance of context and pleasure:

The "are you my friend?" question is getting ever more unhelpful, as is the "are you a friend of my friend?" question. And the thinking of "location" as some sort of unified, uncomplicated set of numbers that we can all just integrate into existing interfaces is also pretty unhelpful too ...

But it would be nice if the little screen on the front of my clamshell acted like an always-open porthole, providing a limited, fleeting glimpse of a larger sea of social communications. I may not always have the time to read messages or participate, but its nice to hear my friends as a low murmur of conversation underlying the main activities of my day. Because that's what I did with shells when I was a little girl. I put them to my ear and listened for the ocean.

In other worlds, Downing Street Says summarises the Prime Minister's Official Spokesman's daily briefings and allows people to discuss the UK's goings on. Kind of like an interactive and communal CPAC - and I think it might be an interesting way to get young people more interested in politics. Right on. (via iWire)

The Deliberately Concealed Garments Project - clothing found hidden in buildings - is oddly fascinating. (via mefi)

And for fun, Invader Fractal. Mmmm. (via reblog)


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