Thursday, March 4, 2004

All locative, all the time

Marc Tuters comments that he posted this blog entry to the locative list and Anselm Hook ( replied with Pros and Cons of peer to peer based maps.

Well worth a read.

The Locative Media Lab (in its bewildering number of incarnations) brings a bunch of super bright and creative people to the task of augmented reality. In addition to Marc and Anselm, Karlis Kalnins and Jason Harlan are Locative folks. (I participated in a panel with Marc, Jason and Karlis last fall.) As is Joshua Schachter - of muxway / / geourl fame. Joshua presented at ETCon, as did Jo Walsh - the person behind spacenamespace - and yet another of the Locative mesh. And then there's Wilfried Hou Je Bek - of the super-fine social fiction projects and blog, and Ben Russell - of headmap notoriety - responsible for some of my favourite work on mobile technologies.

These and other good people are also active on the geowanking list.

Still other people & events, all grooving on things mobile?
digifest 2004: On The Move
Psy-Geo-Conflux 2004 / 2003
Kate Armstrong and PING
P r e / a m b l e 2003


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