Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Sounds of the City

Interesting little Wired news article Radio Takes Music From the Street looks at The Next Big Thing in New York and Traffic Island Disks in London - radio programmes that make public what people are listening to privately.

I definitely like the idea of urban soundscapes, and shows like these create interesting third spaces between public and private...

Update: And then there are the found sounds of everyday life (via mefi):

The Audio Kitchen is reality radio. Presented without musical accompaniment or arty effects, the recordings featured on the program Kitchen expose the range and nuance of the human condition with honesty and respect. From the silly to the sublime, the pieces aired on the program offer the listener a fly-on-the-wall perspective of real people emoting, communicating, and occasionally showing off. And it's not just tapes. The thousands of recordings in the Audio Kitchen library are gleaned from cassettes, reels, records, wires, as well as mp3's and memory chips. You'll hear songs, speeches, arguments, conversations, phone messages, performances, letters, parties and secret diaries. And if you listen to the Audio Kitchen for a while you may feel that you're actually getting to know some of these strangers. And just maybe, you'll hear a recording you made, somewhere, some time, that eventually found its way into a public pile of junk.


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