Friday, February 20, 2004

Knitting is fabulous

I had a great time last night! Everyone there was wonderfully friendly and helpful, and I now have a small piece of knitting that is so tight you'd think I... well never mind :) I was assured it would loosen up as I get better at it.

Anyway, I was also kind of surprised to learn that several members also attend other local meetups - I had no idea these events were so popular. And it reminds me how much I appreciate online forums used to enhance everyday offline life. There was also a lovely moment when an elderly gentleman approached us and said the scene took him back 45 years - and how wonderful he thought it was to see young women knitting again!

But back to knitting :) I decided to learn how to knit because of Molly - who has been knitting something gorgeous each time I've been with her. It's also supposed to be relaxing, but I'm thinking that doesn't happen until you know what the hell you're doing! In the comments to yesterday's post, she recommended the Stitch 'N Bitch book by Deb Stoller (the original BUSTy girl with a PhD) - which I bought a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to teach myself how to knit. It has friendly instructions and all sorts of cool patterns. But one of the women last night had a great book that I just ordered: Weekend Knitting. As soon as I complete my first scarf (this month's project), I am moving on to a beautiful shawl.

I'm also looking forward to sharing patterns with Torill - does anyone else knit?


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