Thursday, February 26, 2004

iPods and everyday life

I mentioned Michael Bull's interesting research in this post on mobile sounding objects, and it seems he is now "interviewing iPod owners about how, when, where and why they use the iPod, and how it integrates into their everyday lives." In an interview with Wired, Bull explains:

[A] lot of people use it to go to work, for commuting. I found that they use the same music on a regular basis. They will often play the same half-dozen tunes for three months, and each part of the journey has its own tune.... It gives them control of the journey, the timing of the journey and the space they are moving through. It's a generalization, but the main use (of the iPod) is control. People like to be in control. They are controlling their space, their time and their interaction ... and they're having a good time. That can't be understated -- it gives them a lot of pleasure.

I hope I get the chance to tell him about the complete stranger who walked up to me and called me a fucking yuppie for having an iPod, but then gave me the chance to redeem myself by telling him what I was listening to...

Update 08/03/04: BBC article on Bull's research and regaining personal space through headphones.


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