Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Call for Papers: Technology and Citizen Engagement

Communication and Democracy: Technology and Citizen Engagement 2004
4 - 6 August, 2004
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Abstracts due 1 April, 2004

[O]n one end of a continuum, claims have been made about the revolutionary and emancipatory potential of ICT. Promoters exhort the urgency of its adoption to realize citizen empowerment, institutional transformation and transparency, direct democracy, and the erasure of time and space to create an electronic global village.

At the other end of this continuum of debate, critics argue that the potential benefits of ICT are being outweighed by a growing digital impotence for citizens, who are increasingly bound by new forms of regulation, institutional electronic rigidities, market regulation, the extension of commercial practices deeper into social life, and technical design myopic of human needs...

The purpose of this colloquium is to reflect on the core issues of communications, democracy and citizen engagement and to push the margins of thinking and debate around entry points such as methodologies, social practices, theoretical frameworks, technical design, institutional relations and citizen needs. It will bring together up-and-coming researchers and established experts to exchange ideas about current research and theories - and rethink the ways forward. Presentations can be based on local, national or international research.

Hmm. I think this may be more important to me than Inside/Outside...


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