Wednesday, January 14, 2004

We are so small

I'm one of these people who gets really excited when I think about the Mars Exploration Rover Mission - but mostly I love listening to how super excited the NASA scientists get about things like airbag trails left on the surface!

And have you ever wondered what a galaxy like ours looks like when it is being suffocated and ripped apart? It's strange how something so violent and sad can be so beautiful.

(via ambiguous)

And keeping with the post's title, Jeremy Wells describes living in São Paulo:

"This place is so completely fascinating, but so difficult to depict. The enormity of this landscape, its instananeous architecture, its constant self-reproduction - this comes to the senses as a sort of overwhelming depth ... I constantly fall asleep while mentally peeling away the layers of sounds that drift in through my window - voices, cars, televisions, speakers, buses, firecrackers, radios, helicopters, airplanes - a constant violence, but oddly comforting, like listening to the world turning."


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