Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Ubicomp, space and culture

How exciting it is to find other PhD students working on similar subjects within different disciplines! (Thanks Thomas!)

Meet Luigina Ciolfi - a PhD student at the Interaction Design Centre, University of Limerick. She's working on interaction design for space, place and ubiquitous computing:

"My main research questions are how to understand the way the physical environment contributes to shape human activity, and what features of the physical world contribute significantly to develop the human experience of place. I am interested in the analysis of the concept of localised experience and place and what features of this concepts could be exploited for the design of interactive physical spaces. With respect to this, I am particularly interested in the development of technology to be situated in a public space, where users (and possible collaborators), information resources, cultural artefacts are co-located. Researching literature for my PhD I have become interested in disciplines such as Human Geography, Architecture and Landscape Design."

Her paper, Understanding Spaces as Places: Extending Interaction Design Paradigms seems to give a good overview of her position and interests.

As an aside, her advisor is Liam Bannon - one of the lecturers we had while in Rome in the fall.


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