Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Resist anarchists & the beauty of open access

Resist! Collective is an offshoot of the TAO Collective - Vancouver, and despite their over-the-top rhetoric, the Resist.ca Weblog posts interesting Canadian and other politico stuff along the lines of the anarchist infoshop.org.

For the more tech-minded, techcoop.info is a "global database of noncapitalist technology initiatives" and I bet they would really appreciate new links.

Browsing through the 'open access space' section, I think of Yury Gitman's Magicbike project: a mobile WiFi hotspot that gives out free internet connectivity to whatever space it is parked in. Magicbike explores a new delivery strategy for WiFi hotspots and brings Internet connectivity to yet unserved spaces and communities. But Magicbike is not only a moving hotspot but also an extremely mobile and discreet hotspot. It is perfect for setting up adhoc Internet connectivity for art and culture events, emergency access, public demonstrations, and communities on the struggling end of the digital-divide.


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