Saturday, January 10, 2004

Alternative Mobility Futures: Play

I should have been presenting my paper Playful Mobilities: Ubiquitous Computing in the City at the Alternative Mobility Futures conference at Lancaster University today - but mostly I'm sad about missing the other papers.

Playful Mobilities, Part I (pdf)

Abstract. What does it mean to move playfully, or to be playfully mobile? Various emerging wireless and ubiquitous technologies suggest types of mobility that are decidedly playful and that bring to discussions of mobility multiple notions of play. When we ask about the relations between sociality, technology and mobility, we are often enough asking what is at play, and to be at play is to be active and operative, to change position, to be mobile. But what kind of movement is this? What is being moved? Where, when and how do people and objects and ideas move? This paper asks these and other questions by relating discussions of movement in art and technological play to several recent explorations in wireless computing. These examples of ubiquitous computing in the city can be seen to delve into different aspects of playful urban mobilities, from formalised games and performances to technological subversions. In keeping with the theme of play, this paper will also experiment with more playful ways of producing academic work and serve primarily as a contextual guide to my conference presentation.


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