Sunday, January 18, 2004

Almost wireless

Introducing the Carleton University Library Wireless Network:

The Library has decided to engage in a wireless pilot project to verify that there is sufficient interest in supporting wireless access in the Library (and on the rest of campus). We are the first department to deploy an officially-sanctioned wireless network on campus.

Is this the only wireless network on campus? No; having said that, unfortunately we have no information about any other campus WLANs as to purpose, availability or accessibility.

We will be allowing people to access all Library-related resources, such as the catalogue, our web site and all electronic resources for which the Library has a subscription. We will not be offering full access to the Internet at this time.

Since this is a pilot project, we want to start small to ensure that we have it right before we get too dependent on the technology.

Computing and Communications Services has an agreement with its Internet Service Provider that all users must be identified before they are allowed to access the Internet. The Library must also observe this agreement. Unfortunately, there is no uniform authentication or logging process for all members of the University community. Once this capability is made available, we will modify the authentication mechanism for the wireless network and we will remove the access restrictions.

We are working on a document that describes the user access requirements and some rules for behaviour. We will not permit anyone to run an ad hoc network or to install a rogue access point as this will interfere with the running of our own network.

Please forgive my utter lack of enthusiasm.


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