Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Subtle Technologies

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - Deadline December 15th 2003.

Subtle Technologies Festival
May 27 - May 30, 2004
University of Toronto

Recognized internationally as a unique forum that encourages new insights and collaborations between artists and scientists, Subtle Technologies challenges physicists, geneticists, engineers, mathematicians, astronomers, architects, dancers, media artists and musicians to contemplate how art and science act upon one another and reshape perspectives. Subtle Technologies' mandate is to build bridges between - and amongst - the arts and sciences. It brings together people and ideas normally confined to separate realms and disciplines, deliberately exposing them - and their audiences - to one another.

The Festival does not establish annual 'themes'. Annual programming is shaped by the submissions. Interesting submissions, however disparate are accepted. Previous topics have included quantum physics, quantum computing and other unconventional computing technologies, music, dance, consciousness research, holography, animation, genetics, sonic explorations, sensing systems and devices, social systems, complexity theory, and artificial intelligence.


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