Wednesday, December 10, 2003


Of course I have been following the Urban Tapestries public trials from afar - and they have made it easier and more interesting by soliciting user feedback on their weblog instead of (?) through the standard usability survey.

It is worth reading the comments: they give glimpses of technologies struggling to emerge and perform, processes that are too often glossed over in tales of utopian ubiquitous futures. And the comments also begin to point at technology, everyday life and the city. People describe how their experiences with the prototypes involved becoming more intimate with their immediate physical surroundings and one man writes "I've lived around here for over 20 years & the area is full of memories that only I can access, I love the idea of other peoples memories hanging in the ether that I can access too." Some comments really do conjure hybrid cities and mixed realities.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the majority of the comments seem to be from tech researchers and designers - and many are quite thorough evaluations. But I'll admit to being most struck by Tom Steinburg's comments: "Be very very careful, for the sake of people interested in augmented space projects everywhere! If you show this to people who are not aware of the limitations of software and hardware development you may do some real long term harm. So just be careful about who you invite." How strange.

Update 19/12/03: From the UT weblog comes a link to Simon Pope's Notes on Locative Media Blog.


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