Saturday, December 20, 2003

It's raining again

Alex Wilkie has done some interesting sound-related design work. Check out his Pedestrian Leisure Prototype:

N(n)ature is furnished by technology. From the centrally heated house to the air conditioning systems in our car, the climate is under strict supervision. Our understanding of nature also is mediated by technology: nature is a well-engineered model.

Our greater and greater distance from N(n)ature may be seen as a symptom of the exploitative drive, in the rationalist narrative of conquest, domination and control. With the Pedestrian Leisure Prototype I attempt to renaturalise the technological event (acid rain), thereby inviting new aural experiences and readings of our everyday urban environment through interactions between technologies, natures and humans.

The prototype senses raindrops and translates the impact into sound. The handle is a clear plastic torus with water which senses movement and in turn modulates the sound. A pH sensor at the top monitors local pH readings - also modulating the sound output.

I sure wish my umbrella made music in the rain. Thanks Alex!


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