Saturday, December 6, 2003

It was a good morning

The sycophant - that servile flatterer, that toady - has always been amongst my least favourite people (excluding Smithers learning Sycophantic German in the Simpsons) - and I find ass-kissing to be particularly annoying in academic contexts.

But today I am not going to let my fear of being perceived as a sycophant keep me from publically thanking my PhD committee - they provide the best support I can imagine.

My advisor, Rob Shields, is one of my intellectual heroes (but he probably doesn't know that because I tend to give him a hard time). I've only ever wanted to be as good a scholar as he is - and when he tells me that I've done well, it lights me up for days.

Phillip Thurtle never forgets to acknowledge the strengths of my work before beginning always-and-only-constructive criticism. That he never stops being excited about my work means I don't stop being excited either.

Gitte Lindgaard has unflinchingly braved the rhetoric of social and cultural theory to find meaning in my work for user-centred design. Without her, I would not believe that multidisciplinary research and collaboration could be so fruitful. And as if that weren't enough, she asks the most difficult questions with kindness.

Thank you all for inspiring me. I'll do my best to make you proud ;)


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