Wednesday, December 3, 2003

For later (design and creepy ubicomp)

Via doors of perception :

The new issue of Design Philosophy Papers.

Sustainable everyday: scenarios for urban life (Quotidiano Sostenible: Scenari di vita urbana) by Ezio Manzini and Francois Jegou.

"Crispy young white people, their gorgeous bodies wrapped in micro-circuitry, adorn the website of Wearables for Health, a forthcoming conference. This vision of the future features perfect people who don't look as if they need implantable health systems. Creepy words give the game away: these wearables are 'to manage people with risk factors and prevent diseases through health status monitoring and life style management'. Control freaks will also enjoy a US Army session on 'Interactive Textiles for Warrior Systems Applications' and what we take to be new-style straightjackets which feature 'Functional Electrical Muscle Stimulation with Smart Textile Electrodes'. Wearable Systems for Health, 12-14 December, Pisa, Italy."

(I'm with John Thackara: sometimes ubicomp is creepy. Especially "wearables." Joey Berzowska described three types of military research into wearables: camouflage; sensing (biofeedback & environmental); and "exoskeleton" stuff like fabrics that harden to become casts for broken bones. Some of the wearables she described were creepy. And Nexia's work in biotech is really creepy. On the upside, I like all sorts of creepy things.)


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