Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Convivial design

Tomorrow, Hillevi Sundholm and Magnus Ingmarsson will be presenting our paper at this MUM 2003 workshop. Have fun! And if you see them, please say hello.

From Bovine Horde to Urban Players: Multidisciplinary Interaction Design for Alternative City Tourisms
Anne Galloway, Martin Ludvigsen, Hillevi Sundholm and Alan Munro

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)
This paper tells a story of an international and multidisciplinary atelier-based design experiment. For ten days in Rome, the 'White Group' explored a cyclical process of informal fieldwork and intervention, critical reflection, design concept generation, and prototyping to generate two novel, if highly-situated forms of technologically-mediated city tourism. We wanted to 're-design' our experiences of city tourism - both as visitors to Rome and as people who live there. Inspired by Situationist-like explorations of the absurd and sociological 'breaching' experiments, we played in, and with, the city in order to design something playful for the people in it. In doing so, we begin to contribute to existing research on technology and tourism, as well as offer creative ways to approach other design projects.


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