Friday, December 12, 2003

Coming of Age in 1940s America

So you're becoming a young man ... Do not worry! Just remember that this is how the mind affects the body and you might want to use your mind constructively. As you get older, you will learn to control and direct your impulses to ensure achievement in life - achievement as great as a spirited horse. But watch out! Men who fail to develop self-control can get into trouble - you might bring suffering upon the innocent and that fails to embody the finest feelings of the race! To be a good man the only thing you need to remember is this.

And when it comes time to die for your country - make sure it isn't because of your lack of self-control. Keep an eye out for booby traps and beware the saboteuse. She may look clean, but really she's just a bag of trouble and you don't want to be her pin-up boy now, do you? If self-preservation isn't enough to motivate you to be hygienic - just remember that venereal disease helps the enemy and we know you don't want to let your team down.

(found here, via ORDO)


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