Tuesday, December 16, 2003

CHI 2004 Workshops

Reflective HCI: Towards a Critical Technical Practice
Human-computer interaction draws on many disciplines, not only on computer science and cognitive psychology, but also, more recently, on alternative views grounded in social science, design, literary theory, cultural studies, critical theory, and phenomenology. These new perspectives have broadened our view of what HCI might be as a discipline, and they have also broadened our understanding of how it should be practiced. Specifically, influences from domains such as cultural studies and art practice underscore the importance of questioning our fundamental assumptions about the nature of interaction between people and technology and the role of designers in mediating that interaction. These insights suggest the possibility of rethinking HCI as a critical technical practice [Agre 1997], in which technology development can be not only an end in itself, but also a means to reflect on the assumptions and attitudes that underpin our ideas about technology and humanity. This workshop will explore the possibilities for mutual illumination between technology design practice and critical reflection within HCI.


Time Design
The aim of the workshop is to map out the temporal dimensions of the design space by making explicit the time design choices involved in a number of scenarios. This process will be informed by temporal phenomena identified in a variety of research disciplines.


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