Saturday, November 22, 2003

Rise. Gulp. Submerge. Rise. Float.


Two papers written, one poster designed. Another paper accepted for the MUM 2003 Workshop (draft version here). Getting ready to mark final exams.

Consulting work wrapping up. The thesis continues to gel. My January trip to the UK almost finalised. (And I would just note that applying for university funding is super tedious work.)

Lancaster University - Alternative Mobility Futures (Lancaster)
University of Surrey - Approaching the City: Alternative Urban Studies (Guildford)

Case Study Research & Seminar Presentations:
CityWide Performance - University of Nottingham / Blast Theory (Nottingham & London)
Mobile Bristol - University of Bristol / HP Labs (Bristol)
Texting Glances - Media Lab Europe / Trinity College Dublin (Dublin)
Urban Tapestries - Proboscis / LSE (London)

Drifting with Wrights & Sites (Exeter)


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