Sunday, November 2, 2003

Re/constructing ideas of place


The project involves the construction of a wall which is not a wall: a transparent boundary which frames and reflects the existing site, which transforms to provide temporary spaces within the street scape of the city which are simultaneously inside and outside, public and private. A fragmented glass wall is positioned in relation to an existing street facade, acting as both frame and window. New and old are superimposed, reflections of inhabitants and passersby are superimposed. The walls slide upon a scaffold-like structure to accommodate immediate and temporary needs; Rooms open into the street. The street becomes a room within the city, a communal space. The structure multiplies throughout Wall Street, a fragmented wall of transparent panels which recall an image of silicon chips, a billboard and advertisement of commerce and trade superimposed with community events; exhibitions, meetings and social gatherings ... The significance of the prototype lies within its inherent ability to adapt to the particulars of site and place, heightening the possibility for individual and cultural expression. The prototypical ability to morph with site and place offers a strategy which goes above the imperialistic imposition of grafting an idealized form or function to a site. As physical space is increasingly redefined by electronic media and globalization increases, the site-specific prototype carries the potential of a new individualism to the masses.


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