Monday, November 24, 2003

Mobile Creativity

Now, doesn't that sound more fun than 'distributed intelligence'?

If you're in the UK this week, check out SimpleTEXT : Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Tim Redfern's collaborative audio/visual public performance that relies on audience participation through input from their mobile phones. (Commissioned, sponsored and funded by Low-Fi.)

If you aren't in the UK (and even if you are) go speak your mind in the Eyebeam Distributed Creativity Forum here or here.

In the Subversion and the city thread, people are discussing the "possibilities for mobile technologies to function like the 'tool' of the skateboard in urban spaces ... [and] the opportunities that exist for art/design to facilitate this interplay."

And in Welcome to Distributed Creativity Forum we are asked: "A new generation of networking technologies is expanding creativity beyond the 20th-century Web into mobile, peer-to-peer, and other distributed platforms. Artist and activists have begun to hijack these distributed media for creative ends. What kinds of new communitites are produced by these artistic interventions?"


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