Wednesday, November 26, 2003

The curious lure of "fashion dolls"

A few years ago I became interested in vintage barbies. I had no idea there was this huge barbie collector subculture and that some dolls sell for thousands of dollars ... But Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy has always been one of my favourite Simpsons episodes and I now totally appreciate Smithers as a hardcore Malibu Stacy collector!

Apparently I am an *awful* vintage barbie collector because I don't care if they're reproductions instead of originals, and I'm going to throw out the box so I can actually play with her. I just prefer the way they used to look.

Right now I'm obsessed with some dolls in the Silkstone Fashion Model Collection - these are barbies for people who believe that barbies are only fashion dolls - and how can that be bad?! Honestly, the entire feminist critique of barbies went right past these folks - it's bizarre! And the dolls are stunning and the clothes are gorgeous.

I recently ordered this beauty and regularly scan ebay for one of these and one of these. And in all likelihood I will buy their version of the geek girl!

I will also probably buy one of these. I mean, wow, they actually pitch Asian dolls as "exotic". Be still my well-dressed imperialist heart!

(But believe it or not, I can't bring myself to buy any of the Dolls of the World Collection ... they are just too strange. The World Princess Collection is no less weird, but comes with prettier clothes.)


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