Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Cities & technologies catch-up

DAWN - the Dublin Ad hoc Wireless Network: "a prototype 4th Generation Mobile Network."

Mobile Bristol: "As you walk through the city a diverse range of digital media experiences – such as soundscapes, games, interactive media and art – will bring the city alive, enriching the ambience of the physical places."

Transmediale 2003 installations: Cecile Babiole's Circulez y’a rien a voir - "a kind of surveillance device in public space that allows the spectator to generate images and sounds by his moves in front of the projection space" and Heath Bunting’s BorderXing Guide "primarily consists of documentation of walks that traverse European national boundaries illegally."

Creativity and the City conference - some interesting sounding workshops, like The city in the information society and Public space: the urban battlefield, but little information online.

re:public international art and culture project (psychogeography in Riga after May's psy.geo.conflux in NYC)

(all courtesy Doors of Perception)


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