Friday, November 28, 2003

Bodies in Motion

Phil Smith (of Wrights and Sites) constructs A Short History of the Future of Walking:

All places are “migrant.” And our selves, similarly; not simple, single points of consciousness slipping across neutral planes, but selves that are motion and in motion within and without, extended ‘organisms’ shaped and shaping relations with each other, reacting to and adapting the geometry of inanimate geographies, cultural transmissions and ideology’s reproductive system, moving about basins of attraction, patterned and patterning; a self as likely as any place to be “just passing through” ...

The meeting and passing of the shapes of place and self is the meeting and passing of two migrations. But there is no necessary equilibrium in their meeting. Nor in those meetings’ encodings on the places themselves. Nor, in the conceptualising of the meetings by the selves that were there, is there a neutrality in their geometry...

The act of walking become autobiographical – not as the placing of a point on a plane, but as the shifting of patterns in relation to others.

Continuing his work in Natural Interaction - I posted about PointAt some time ago - Alessandro Valli has created Retina:

A light weight real time computer vision module for natural interactive interfaces, Retina allows designers and researchers to substitute mouse and keyboard with body motions, gestures, positions of objects and people. It can be easily connected to C/C++, Java, Flash MX, Director applications. Retina is a tool for the creation of interactive spaces, interactive art installations, entertainment and edutainment systems.

You can download a beta copy of Retina, along with documentation and sample code here.

Bodies in motion.


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