Thursday, October 9, 2003

What do bloggers and DJs have in common?

In some notes about a recent iSociety gathering, James Crabtree hinted at the most interesting thing about weblogs that I have heard in ages!

"I'm going to work on my 'bloggers are like DJs' thesis ..."

Tom Dolan responds in the comments with:

"I'm not entirely convinced about the blogging-as-DJs thing. The point of being a DJ is to create a musical narrative that affects other people. Most blogs are just too full of, well, random "stuff". There's also the 'custodial' aspect of being a DJ - you're creating a space for others to interact. I don't know if MT's comments system is quite up to that yet. (Mind you I am not to be trusted in this. I'm developing my own thesis on the future of DJing based on the evolution of the magic lantern - a much closer match.)"

Oh, how I want to know more!


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