Wednesday, October 15, 2003


Yesterday ended with all the interactive posters and demos of new and exciting projects in ubiquitous computing - and my general impression was that there were far more platforms than applications.

But here are few posters I immediately liked:

Katherine Moriwaki showed off her awesome Inside/Outside: Embodied Environmental Monitoring handbag. (She's currently working on white PVC and black velvet versions. Mmmm.)

Update: I should talk to Katherine about her City Systems project. We have a shared interest in being-in-motion: space, time, and sociality. I was also freaked out to hear when I learned of Nike Ground - you want to wear it, why shouldn't cities too? (via one of my very favourite blogs - and more at 0100101110101101.ORG - brilliant.)

And then there was AudioBored: a publicly accessible networked answering machine (Jonah Brucker-Cohen & Stefan Agamanolis). Jonah does all sorts of brilliant things, and I especially like WiFi-Hog ;)

Update: Jonah also keeps nice conference/festival reports here. And I've been thinking about why I like WiFi-Hog so much. The ability to use wireless in contrary ways is really important ... say, for example, you are walking down the street in NYC and your wireless device is configured to connect to the strongest signal. A (free) public access point three stories off the ground cannot compete with the (pay service) Verizon signal coming from the closest ground-level phonebooth. I like the idea of being able to block that Verizon signal in protest. (Did I understand correctly, Jonah?)

Finally, TunA: a mobile music experience to foster local interactions was interesting because it takes something that is normally an isolated (and isolating) experience and makes it social.

I think I should visit Dublin ... and I will post on the demos later.

Update: Matt Webb comments on TunA here. (PS Matt - me? contentious? nah. and PLSJ comes from the look I (supposedly) get when pissed off ;)

Dan Hill talks about it here and here - and Matt Jones does too.


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