Thursday, October 30, 2003

"a stable, enduring and obdurate (though not immutable) world of spatial arrangements, the meaning of which is known in common by members"

Remarks on the social organisation of space and place (pdf)
Andy Crabtree

Abstract. Human conduct is always situated in a particular space or place yet little is understood about the social organisational relationship between space, place and conduct. In pursuing a sociological line of thought, ordinary conceptions of space have been elaborated such that spaces and places are seen as constructions expressly designed to constrain and shape our lives. While there is much to such notions, the embodied practices and interactional competences in and through which space is socially organised in realtime pass by ‘unnoticed’. Drawing on an ethnographic perspective in general, and an ethnomethodological perspective in particular, this paper outlines an approach to the study of the social organisation of space and place from the largely unnoticed point of view of social action.

Keywords. Space, place, social organisation, situated activity, embodied practice, interactional competence, naturalistic inquiry, ethnography, ethnomethodology.

Notes to follow.


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